Pro business center

Rental of equipped offices

PBC, your business center in Tunis,gives you all the means to develop your activity and to enhance your brand image.
Renting Equipped offices isn’t at all a simple task to realize. the layout of professional locations demands a whole organization and a complete analysis of your fonction.
Pro business center invites you to exploit all its material and human resources in order to realize the concept that reflects your vision.

The services we propose

Having advanced qualifications in the administratif field, the specialists of pro business estimate this task as a strategic elevation to boost our reputation in the market. 

As a professional business center, pro business engage its team to support you through its multiple personalized services and commit to provide you with an agreeable atmosphere to launch your activity.

What we guarantee

Our team promises to provide latest generations equipments and on point tools to professionally start and ensure your activity.
Without forgetting the importance of the management of your project we put at your disposal competent profiles in the administrative management to take care of this essential aspect in the guidance of your company.
And for your moments of distractions, enjoy mutula spaces we arrange to contribute to your relief during your breaks or meetings.

A mean of inspiration

A work space is wanted to be prestigious, it’s for this reason that as investors you should take into consideration the first impression the workplace would give to your clients.
With the collaboration of our business center, you will have the opportunity to discover the importance of the general atmosphere. For our team, the arrangement of your space is an important mission, thus the main task is to enhance your productivity and to improve the efficiency of your employees.
So it’s imperative to know that the development of company culture is a result of a right choice of office equipments since it represents a tool for communication between your different collaborators.

Other services we offer

Our first vocation is to save you different charges that might stifle the launching of your project in Tunisia during the domiciliation of your company.
It’s in this perspective that our center promises you an unprecedented potential to provide comfort to your employees and guarantee a well organized workplace without you being submerged in the costs, since we take care of it.