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Société Offshore

Offshore definition

Fully exporters companies are considered as non residential (offshore) when the capital is detained to less than 60% by non residential tunisiens or foreigners by means of currency import.

So we say that a company is an “offshore company” when they establish their head office in a country where they don’t exercise any activity and where their managers aren’t residents.


  • Non-double taxation agreement between European and Maghrebian countries and Tunisia.
  • Banking secrecy is respected
  • One person (even a foreigner) is necessary to create the company.
  • 15% of tax on the company
  • 10% tax on the non reinvested dividends, no tax on the dividends or the income would be paid to the native country according to the non double taxation agreement.
  • Purchase and sale in the suspension of VAT
  • Between 0% and 16.57% employers’ social security rate for employees
  • No social charges for the freelance manager
  • A salary cost significantly lower than in Europe (minimum wage in Tunisia = 140 euros)
  • A minimum capital of 370 euros to create a company ( the capital isn’t blocked)
  • Dividend transfer guarantees
  • Several withdrawal methods are available (international card, swift transfer)
  • No limits for transactions abroad
  • Remote bank account management service
  • Opening of bank accounts in foreign currency or in convertible Dinar

Offshore company activities

  • Service provision
  • Services in consulting, studies, advice, expertise, and assistance
  • Computer services
  • Call centers
  • Research- development services
  • Manufacturing industries
  • International trade
  • Sale of licenses/patents

Offshore bank account

  • Multi-currency accounts
  • Your online access
  • Limited bank charges
  • Interest-bearing accounts
  • Credit card
  • Credit letter
  • Structured products
  • Capital guaranteed products

With fifteen years’ experience in the field, we are able to select trusted banks, with excellent services, as well as numerous banking options ( online banking services, credit card, credit letter, etc.)

How do we select our banks?

In addition, to other important characteristics that were studied before selecting a bank, such as :

  • The privacy of the bank in order to preserve the private informations of our clients.
  • The bank’s financial guarantees to avoid the risk of bankruptcy
  • The excellent reputation of the institution
  • The diversity of the offered financial products

The profile of Pro-business center’s clients is very diverse and includes, in between, entrepreneurs, retired, shareholders,import_export entrepreneurs, consultants, heirs, manufacturers, traders, patent holders, etc. We have developed a banking network in which an account can be launched by any type of activity in order to respond to our diverse clients.
We shall organize all the pertinent documents to open the bank account, which will allow our clients to focus exclusively on the development of their business strategy all while ensuring that we’re taking care of the administrative process.