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Company Modification

During its existence, a company may have to change its statutes for various reasons. However, any change in statutes requires a specific procedure to be followed.

In addition, any change in status requires long and fairly complex steps to consider and stages not to be missed. The decision-making must be well studied in order to lead to the correct rectifications and to update all the necessary information in the commercial register.

It is for this reason that recourse to real professionals in the matter is strictly imperative. Our business center suggests that you request the intervention of our specialists to change the status of your business in Tunisia as soon as possible.

 Our experts then interfere to inspire you with the best tips and challenges to adopting while involving the administrative procedures of your projects.

  • Head office transfer
  • Change of partners
  • Change in capital
  • Transfer of shares
  • Change of social commissioner
  • Change of commissary in accounts
  • Acts and meeting minutes
  • Social exercise
  • Change of activity
  • Liquidation dissolution radiation
  • Change of legal form
  • Addition of secondary activity
  • Opening of a secondary establishment