An offshore company is a company that is registered in a country that offers several tax benefits. As a matter of fact, it is a company said to be non-resident that often operates on the chosen foreign territory.

Why an offshore company in Tunisia?

The Tunisia-based offshore company benefits mostlyfromthe no double taxationagreement. This is to say that you can transfer the benefits you have made in Tunisia with a particularly advantageous taxation for your country. And under this agreement, they are lawfully no longer taxablebecause your income comes from Tunisia and because you have paid your taxes to Tunisia,

Who can create an offshore company?

You can create an offshore company in Tunisia whatever your nationality.
Likewise, contractors, creators and business owners as well as consultants are allowed to set up an offshore company.

Anyone who wishes to create a legal structure fast and become operational in a few weeks to launch business activities under favorable terms.

Main benefits

  • No double taxation agreement between the European and Maghreb countries and Tunisia.
  • No VAT for payments received from abroad and purchases in Tunisia.
  • 5% tax on non-reinvested dividends, no income or dividend tax will be sent to the country of origin under the no double tax agreement.
  • 10% tax on profits
  • 0% tax on profits during 5 years, for industrial companies.
  • A single person is necessary (even a foreigner) to establish a company.
  • Banking confidentiality is legally respected.
  • Employees’ payroll tax rate is between 00.00% and 16.57%.
  • No payroll tax for self-employed managers.
  • A wage cost that is clearly lower than Europe (SMIC in Tunisia=133.35 €).
  • A minimum capital requirement of 500 Euros in order to set up a corporation (capital is not blocked).
  • Guarantee of dividends’ transfer.
  • Registration of your company in 72 hours

Financial Benefits

  • Opportunity to open bank accounts in foreign currency (Euro, Dollar) or in convertible dinars.
  • Management of remote banking operations services (via internet)
  • Neither limits nor restrictions at the level of overseas transactions.




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