Creation and modification

Creation and Modifications

To start a business in Tunisia, our business center’s experts offer you assistance for:

  • The creation of your own business;
  • The relocation of your business;
  • The legal procedures connected to businesses’ tax exemption systems;
  • The connection with the administrations and the economic and financial partners;
  • The implementation of all of the administrative and legal proceedings required for realizing your business in Tunisia.

Pro Business Center’s services are intended for resident and non-resident Tunisian and foreign promoters who wish to realize investment projects in Tunisia.

Our business center will know how to offer the most efficient services in the shortest possible time, whether it is for your business’s domiciliation, its creation or its legal modifications.

Corporate changes

Pro Business Center, your business center allows you to bring all the statutory changes your company needs:

  • change of name
  • change of commercial name
  • head office transfer
  • transfer of membership shares
  • Activity alteration or extension
  • Registered office relocation
  • Transfer of membership shares
  • Activity alteration or extension
  • Activity cessation or rebound
  • Increase or decrease of share capital
  • Legal form change
  • Management change
  • change(s) regarding the partners
  • Opening or closing down of a secondary establishment
  • Modification of the company’s lifespan
  • Merger
  • Dissolution and liquidation

In addition, Pro Business Center gives you access to many other transactions (ask for additional details)


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